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West TX water catchment and pond possibilities

I’ve been turning some things over in my head about Dad’s acreage.  I’m pretty sure I want a large berm complex on the western edge to help with the prevailing winds, and I was toying with the idea of using those berms as catchment for either a large pond or series of smaller ponds.  The problem is, the average rainfall is less than 18 inches, and even with steps to reduce evaporation (provide shade, wind protection, and pond shape to maximize volume to surface area ratio) I’m afraid there’s no hope that the ponds will hold water for more than a few weeks.  In any event, I don’t think they would be stable enough to make ducks or fish a possibility.

Would it be better to build the berms, and then focus on storage of water in the land, and hopefully hydrate it to the point that the lower lying areas could fill of their own accord?  Or, if ponds are enough of a desire and benefit, given the water quality of the well, would that water be okay to preserve a minimum depth during dry periods?