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General Information

Scientific Name: Asteraceae Asteroideae Calendulae Calendula officinalis
Common Names:  pot marigold
Zones ?
perennial, but frost killed.  Also self seeds if allowed to mature.  Effectively an Annual
Growth Habit: Central stalk with some branching
Height: 1-2 feet
Permaculture Designation: Flowering beneficial, Medicinal, herbaceous layer


Grew 4 calendula from seeds started indoors.  They didn’t really seem to thrive there by the driveway, and it could be from the transplant shock.  I’ll try direct seeding next season.  I did get 5-6 flowers from it, which my wife deadheaded for me.  They’re still growing, so it’s possible I’ll get some more.

Also, these medicinal herbs are a little shorter in height than the others I’ve written up so far, so that gives another height layer to a medicinal herb plot.

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